Invacare Leo

The Leo is an affordable 4-wheeled compact lightweight scooter designed for all those that value their independence and wish to get out and about unaided. Offering users the freedom and confidence to enjoy essential daily outings and leisure excursions.

Key Features

  • 2-step disengaging lever to prevent the scooter from being knocked into freewheel
  • Intelligent lighting system ensures that the remaining lighting system stays on should one bulb blow
  • Luxury swivel seat, fully adjustable, for extra comfort as well as improved access to get on and off the scooter.
  • Foot pads on front guards provides ample space on floor area for extra leg room and storage
  • Simple off board charging harness as standard makes charging a painless exercise
  • Dismantles quickly & without tools, making trips to the park or the shops with family and friends easy and hassle free

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Overall length: 122cm
Overall width: 59cm
Overall height: 99cm
Wheels: 26cm 10″ Pneumatic
Weight without batteries: 59kg
Max speed: 8km/h
Weight capacity: 135kg
Ground clearance: 7cm
Grade climbable: 10degrees
Kerb climbing: 6cm
Turning radius: 131cm
Seat width: 47cm
Motor size: Continuous: 240 Peak: 450W
Standard travel range: Up to 36km