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Freedom Powerchairs

$4,900.00$5,900.00 NZD

Both electric wheelchairs can be easily folded, include brushless motors, have five-speed settings, and are easy to use. The A06 is suitable for most people needing assistance with mobility. The DE08 model has extra distance capacity and separates for travel for those with an active lifestyle.

The Freedom Chair is one of the lightest most versatile power chair in New Zealand today. It’s your best choice for all round convenience and performance.
Driving the Freedom Chair is easy and fun. Simply press the power button on the controller, set the speed and use the joystick to move around. The Joystick controller manages speed, direction and braking.

Low speed is perfect for around the house or in buildings. Maneuvering in passageways and through doors is easy and this also makes it safe for beginners to learn with confidence.

Medium speed is perfect for keeping pace with wide sidewalk traffic or a friend on foot.

In high, the Freedom Chair will take you up to 6.5kph.

Indoors or out, on trains, planes, or automobiles when it’s time to go anywhere, there’s no better to travel companion than a Freedom Chair.

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  • Frame: 48 Months
  • Motors: 24 Months
  • Central Processor Unit (CPU): 24 Months
  • Joystick: 24 Months
  • Battery: 24 Months
  • Wearing Parts (Wheels and Fabrics): 12 Months


  • Safe working load:
    A06: 110kg DE08: 160 kg
  • Maximum Speed:
    6.5 kph (both)
  • Chair weight with 1 battery:
    A06: 26kg DE08: 30kg (Split 15kg & 15kg)
  • Unfolded size:
    A06: W 590mm H 930 mm L 960mm DE08: W 596mm H 960mm L 1025mm
  • Folded Size:
    A06: W 690mm H 340 mm L 590mm DE08: W 345mm H 690mm L 1025mm
  • Seat Size:
    A06: W 430mm L 440 mm DE08: W 450mm L 450mm
  • Seat Height:
    A06: 530mm DE08: 480mm
  • Motor:
    A06: 2 x 200W Brushless Rear Motors DE08: 2x 250W Brushless Rear Motors
  • Battery Weight:
    1.6kg per battery (Lithium)
  • Driving distance:
    A06: 10km per Battery (Max 20km) DE08: 10km per Battery (Max 30km)
  • Slope Grade Ability:
    A06: 10 Degrees DE08: 12 Degrees
  • Front Wheels:
    8 inch PU Tyre
  • Rear Wheels:
    10″ Solid Rubber (both)
  • Charging Time:
    2-4 hours (both)
  • Joystick:
    Left or Right (both)
  • Cushion:
    Removable (both)
  • Backrest:
  • Extra Feature:
    A06: 2 Battery Capacity DE08: 3 Battery Capacity, Chair Splits into 2 parts
  • Suspension:
    Spring Absorber (both)
  • Braking System:
    Electromagnetic Disc Brakes (both)
  • Footrest:
    Folding Footrest (both)
  • Seatbelt:
    Included (both)


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