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Invacare Comet Ultra HD

$7,595.00 NZD

Built to support with performance and reliability.

Ideal for those with larger body shapes, the Comet Ultra offers a secure, supportive and powerful driving experience without compromising on style or functionality. Packed with all of the safety features and driving characteristics seen throughout the Comet family, the Comet Ultra will get you to your destination quickly and efficiently, in complete comfort and control.

Due to a carefully thought out design process and a robust construction, the safety and stability of the Comet Ultra is never a concern; even for users weighing up to 220kg. Developed with the highest quality components and safety features, the Comet Ultra makes a trustworthy companion no matter where you go. Furthermore, its flexibility and adaptability means you can customise your mobility scooter to suit your unique style and individual preference.

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  • Weight capacity:
    220 kg
  • Maximum speed:
    10 km/h
  • Ground clearance:
    100 mm
  • Turning radius:
    2750 mm
  • Overall length:
    1450 mm
  • Overall width:
    665 – 685 mm
  • Suspension:
    Front & Rear Suspension
  • Per-charge range:
    Up to 58 km
  • Weight:
    148 kg
  • Material:
    Black vinyl
  • Backrest Width:
    660 mm
  • Depth:
    535 mm
  • Battery requirements:
    2 x 12 V 75 Ah
  • Motor Capacity:
    650 W / 1100 W
  • Limited Warranty:
    Mobility Scooter: 5 years.
    Battery & charger: 1 Year


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