M2 Medical Mattress

The castellated support surface allows each square to move to body contour. Module cutting also allows for horizontal anti-shear movement.

Lateral Support:

The unique cut design assists with stability and support for transfers and is responsive to profiling platforms. Firm edge support prevents falls and rolls-outs from the mattress and providing supports for transfers.

Two layer construction:

One piece U shape firm base and side wall support with medium feel lateral castellated foam inlay. Designed especially to reduce roll-out risk and help with transfers.

Suitable for bariatric users:

Compatible with iCare Homecare Beds this mattress can support user weight of up to 300kg.

SlideSkin Anti-Shear:

The unique composition of SlideSkin technology reduces shear with a second membrane. This enables the cover to move or slide with the users movements.

ZeroTec Cover:

Zerotec fabric is a medical barrier fabric that has high elasticity in every direction which reduces shear on pressure redistribution surfaces. It is waterproof and wipeable but has microporous breathable properties. This cover has welded seams and waterfall flaps for fluid control.

Care and cleaning:

No turn design reducing manual handling

Anti crease XP base to allow easy contour for any profiling bed

To launder the cover in a washing machine, set the main wash to a minimum of 65 degrees for no less than 10 minutes. The cover can be tumble dried on low heat and the temperature must not exceed 60 degrees. The foam can be autoclaved at 134 degrees.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Feel Rating: Medium

Mattress Height: 150mm

Risk Category: High Risk

User Weight: 40 kg – 215 kg

Warranty: 5 Year Warranty


  • Long Single:
    2030 mm X 900 mm
  • King Single:
    2030 mm X 1070 mm
  • Double:
    2030 mm X 1350 mm
  • Queen:
    2030 mm X 1520 mm
  • Split Super King:
    2030 mm X 760 mm (per side)


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